Why Cleanse your Tanning Mitt?

Heyyyyaaa my Hello Hari Honey's Shan Here, Im a little slack on getting blogs out but here we go! 

Why it’s important to cleanse your tanning mitt ? 

Well, It is so important to wash your fake tan mitt after each use.  

Besides bacteria, in your mitt also accumulate dead skin cells and oil, which can clog your pores and lead to dull or broken out skin. Clean your mitt  before you apply your tan. 

Even the best Tan can become streaky and patchy when applied with a dirty Mitt. A Clean Tan Mitt will assure a smoother application.

Be sure to avoid placing the tanning mitt in the washing machine because its shape can become distorted and damaged, You also want to refrain from washing it with any other garments or items because the tanning residue can stain certain fibres and fabrics. 

By avoiding a machine wash, we have made an easy way for you to cleanse your tan mitt, to also keep the shape and velvet soft feeling. 

First of all order yourself the Hello Hari Tanning Remover  and fill your sink full of warm water, add 3-6 pumps of your tan remover soak and leave for up to 2 hours * Watch your water go black, the remove acts as a magnetic by withdrawing all your old tan from your tanning mitt. 

Start rinsing your mitt under cool warm water and wring out any excess water from the mitt and reshape it while it is still damp. 

Air drying your tanning mitt in the air and sunshine is the best way to keep your tan mitt in shape. 

Make sure you avoid the dryer (As it will loose its shape or become damaged) 

If you’re a frequent tanner you can get about 3 months out of your mitt if you cleanse it regularly after each use, We recommend that you refresh your tanning mitt every 3-6 months. 

If you love tanning, look after your mitt like it looks after you, Don't forget your mitt looks after you every time you apply your tan it makes it smooth, golden and even! 

It protects you from having orange HANDS after you tan! * Who else hates this... 

Tag us in your cleansing mitt routine on insta, I cant wait to see you cleanse your mitt. 

Love Shan Xo